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Board of Inspection

It conducts inspection, research and investigation activities on behalf of the Board of Directors, in accordance with legal regulations and with the authority specified in the Regulation of the Board of Inspection

Internal Control Directorate

Its function is to protect the Bank’s assets, to conduct its activities effectively and efficiently in accordance with legislations, corporate policies and rules as well as banking usages; to ensure the reliability and integrity of the accounting and financial reporting system, and the obtainability of knowledge in time.

Risk Monitoring Directorate

It defines, measures, monitors and controls the risks the Bank is exposed to through politics, application procedures and limits determined in order to define, measure, monitor, control – and change when necessary – the risk-return structure of the Bank’s future cash flows, and hence the nature and level of activities.

Board of Advisers

It examines the issues requested by the General Directorate regarding the Bank’s activities.

Secretariat to General Director and Board of Directors

It coordinates and conducts the business relations of the General Management and the Board of Directors inside and outside the Bank.

Legal Affairs

It defends the Bank’s interests in all activities it is engaged, makes sure that all transactions are carried out in accordance with laws, and expresses its legal opinion about issues upon the demand of the General Directorate.

Human Resources Department

Its function is to increase the efficiency and productivity of the Bank's units and staff; to conduct activities related to promotion, press and employee rights of the Bank.

Loan Evaluation I Department

It evaluates the applications of companies in energy and energy efficiency sector for loans, financial leasing and other products; then, it fulfils the related formalities.

Loan Evaluation II Department

This department evaluates the applications of companies in industry, tourism, education and health sectors for loans and other bank products; then, it fulfils the related formalities.

Information Technologies Department

It makes necessary arrangements and works in order to carry out, in computer environment, the transactions concerning the Bank’s main activities in conformity with up-to-date technology and current laws and regulations; to create a consistent and current database in this process and ensure an accurate, fast and flexible information production through it.

Corporate Banking and Investment Directorate

It carries out the Bank's participation-related activities, deals with shareholder companies and conducts activities such as excluding participations from the Bank's portfolio, increasing the Bank's capital; it makes the necessary about valuation, acquisition, merger and privatization of the companies, as well as investment banking services. It deals with shareholders and does its best to raise public awareness including the Bank’s legislation and information policy.

Technology, Research and Business Development Department

Its function is to monitor and study economic, social and technological developments; to provide support to domestic and foreign institutions and organizations when requested; to develop new products in line with the Bank’s strategies; to carry out wholesale banking activities by coordinating the relevant units; to prepare the Bank's strategic plan, as well as performance evaluation.

Intelligence and Financial Analysis Department

It gathers information on the customers who apply for a credit to our Bank.

Loan Follow Up and Collections Department

It follows up and monitors the loans allocated by the Bank, as well as other Bank products.

Treasury Department

Its tasks are as follows: management, in the most efficient way, of Turkish Lira and foreign currencies by using all kinds of money and foreign exchange market instruments in accordance with guidelines determined by the Bank’s related departments and in cooperation with the relevant units; purchase, sale and registration of securities and negotiable instruments representing the indebtedness of public and private sectors; long and short term adjustments on the Bank's assets and liabilities; taking necessary precautions in order to realize and maintain the most appropriate liquidity in terms of legal obligations and market; establishing investment partnerships and mutual funds, and ensuring that these activities are carried out; finally providing customer portfolio services.

Financial Institutions Department

It provides medium and long term internal and external financing for the Bank, follows up the repayment of resources obtained and conducts financial relationships with international financing institutions.

Loan Marketing Department

It carries out activities to create a financing demand for the Bank's products. It forms the Bank's marketing strategy. It conducts also activities to increase the market share and customer satisfaction for banking products and services through customer and market researches, as well as to bring new customers to the Bank.

Istanbul Branch

In terms of administrative duties, it conducts its activities under Credit Marketing Department. It acts so as to create a demand for the Bank's products to be used in the financing of investments in and around the province of Istanbul. It follows the developments of the sector. It helps develop policies on the Bank's activities, and makes a preliminary study for Credit Marketing Department in case of credit applications.

Support Services and Purchases Department

It carries out the Bank's administrative and social affairs: purchasing, communication, fixtures, warehouses and real estates.

Budgeting Directorate

It prepares, supervises the Bank’s budget and working programs in coordination with related units and then reports the results. It prepares activity reports showing the Bank’s monthly, quarterly and annual performance. It carries out studies relating to the report of the Turkish Court of Accounts about the Bank’s activities.

Financial Affairs Department

It carries out payment and collection transactions of the banking products allocated by the Bank, as well as exchange and other banking transactions. It identifies and implements principles and methods to be applied in the accounting and registration system. It keeps legal records and prepares all kinds of financial statements in coordination with related units, then reports and sends them to related institutions and organizations.